10 funniest rug ever!

Have you ever think about having a break with the usual rug?

Here below 10 of the funniest rug ever!

Pacman Rug, for the nostalgic and videogame addicted!


Sausage and Mortadella rug, for food lovers!

Creative-Carpets-Sausage-2 mortadella

Wood rug, if you miss living in a forest!


Eggs rug, eggs not just for your breakfast!

images (1)

Polar Bear, walking alone in the North Pole!

GLOBAL_WARMING_nanimarquina_1 GLOBAL_WARMING_nanimarquina_2

Football Field Rug, for your passion for sport!


Welcome (or not?) Rug

large (1) large

Piano keys rug, for the music lovers


Scary Rug, to get away monsters in you son’s room


Murder Rug, and your crime scene is complete!


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