Which is the best vacuum for me?


Buying and using a vacuum is not a rocket science but either it’s not so easy. Indeed there are some things that you need to know to choose the best one for your carpet.

First, you should buy a vacuum that works with your lifestyle. That means that some models can pick up better than others pet-hair, so if you have pet you need a different type of vacuum; if you live in an apartment it’s perfect for you a small vacuum and if you have lots of carpets, we suggest bagged uprights since they tend to have the best airflow and suction. So this is the first step to choose the right vacuum for your needs.
After that you have to keep in mind that it’s important that your vacuum is lightweight enough that it’s not hard to push, pull, lift and generally maneuver. Equally important for your vacuum is the durability.
Don’t ignore the “minor” details. Indeed if you have a bare floors, look for a brush on/off switch, or a suction control if you’ll be vacuuming drapes. Before you choose a bagged or bagless model, check the price of the bags and filters. Some filters just need washing out, not replacing, but there’s often more than one. Try the vacuum before you leave the store just to be sure that it is what you are looking for.
Remember after your purchase, to use the vacuum in the right way, so change your bag or empty your bin promptly. Never use it with water or even a wet floor. Be careful with what you vacuum up. If you something vacuum up big like a sock, turn the vacuum off right away–besides blocking airflow, you could break the belt, which is there to protect the motor.
At least remember that your vacuum don’t last forever but iwhen it either will not start, or it starts, but no longer picks anything up, it’s time to replaced it.

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