About Us


Carpet Care Management was founded in August 1996 by our General Manager, Darren.
From the beginning Darren has been driven to give the best customer service possible and year after year he has succeeded. Darren sold the company in 2001 to pursue a different business. In June 2005, Jeffery Rentals, Inc, who had been a customer of Carpet Care Management for years – dating back to Darren’s ownership, started Commercial Carpet Care out of frustration with the service of the then owner. In 2006, Jeffery Rentals, Inc was approached by that owner about buying Carpet Care Management. Since we had already approached Darren to work with us on building Commercial Carpet Care, we were all excited to make a deal that would allow Darren to help rebuild the company he started and grow it even more! So, in 2006, Jeffery Rentals, Inc bought Carpet Care Management and merged operations from Commercial Carpet Care under the trade name Carpet Care Management. Darren and our staff dedicate themselves to not only being smart and knowledgeable in many areas of carpet cleaning and water damage restoration, but most importantly to understanding the need of our varied client base from Property Managers, Realtors and Landlords across the city to homeowners of all sized homes.

Carpet Care Management offers high quality services and innovative techniques. Carpet cleaning is a process affected by several variables that we work to control so as to obtain the cleanest carpet possible for our clients. Carpet Care Management does this using the best equipment, education and products that you could wish for your carpet.

Carpet Care Management uses a top of the line PEAK Truckmounted Machine. We also use various techniques depending on the clients need and budget including a Rotary Machine to maximize scrubbing effect of a wand. This machine will do the equivalent of 1500 passes in one minute!

Education, promptness and proficiency to apply the process of cleaning along with the best products are what distinguish our company make us the best carpet cleaners.

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Darren, General Manager              Jeremy, Carpet Cleaning Tech        Greg, Carpet Cleaning Tech