About 1 hour per 400 cleanable square feet. This varies depending on soil and job.
When you rent a portable machine the risk is that it doesn’t reach temperatures nearly high enough to sanitize your carpets. Water from your faucet is not hot enough, we usually clean at 212-230°because heat is required to activate the cleaning agents to clean your carpets. Furthermore, this machine is not strong enough to remove all of the dirt and bacteria embedded in rug fibers because at the vacuums is designed to avoid blowing a circuit, so it will leave more residue in your carpets. Instead our truck-mounted units have much stronger vacuums to better remove soils and allergens.
After your carpet has been professionally cleaned you should keep in mind: (A)to be careful walking from carpet to hard surface because floors can be slippery (B)try to keep pets and children off of carpet for about 6 hours (C)keep blocks and tabs in place 24h after carpet is cleaned (D)you can’t vacuum your carpet before 24 hours after cleaning
The only option is to call a professional. A company who has the education, experience, tools and equipment, to get the time sensitive drying done. Carpet Care Management meets each of those requirements. We have various options available depending on the severity of the job - from basic extraction and fans to dehumidifiers to E-TES and TES Technology.
It will take 6-8 hrs for your carpet to dry. We suggest turning the HVAC fan on and any ceiling fans, to help with the drying time.
You can walk on the carpets right away. We always leave blue plastic booties with our customers, if they need them.
Yes we move furniture. We put the furniture back in place, on styro foam blocks. These blocks can be removed after the carpet is dry.
Most, if not all, manufacturer warranties say to clean the carpets every 12-18 months using professional STEAM cleaning.
No, cleaning will not help. Carpet dying or patching would be the best way to correct the problem.
No, any sewage on carpet and pad should be removed and properly discarded.
Cleaning will not remove furniture indentations The pad is crushed and only time will correct it.
We provide carpet cleaning, odor control, carpet repair, hard surface floor cleaning and water damage restoration.
Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum! You should vacuum one time per week for everyone in your household. Pets count.
We have a spotter that will not damage the carpet. Call us for pricing.
Yes and No. Steam cleaning is recommended by all carpet manufacturers. It will help extend the life of your carpet. When we steam clean, we only get the surface of the carpet wet. Saturated carpet will delaminate the backing of carpet if not extracted and dried properly in a relatively quick fashion.
According to the American Furniture Manufacturers Association upholstery should not become soiled to the point of noticeable visible change in the color of the fabric. For most people this will mean having your upholstery cleaned every 18-24 months. Of course a couch which is used multiple times by multiple people per day, or the dogs favorite chair will absorb more soils and need cleaning more often, and the love seat in your front sitting room which is used twice a year will not need cleaning quite as often.
Furniture only takes 2-4 hours to dry. Using a fan to dry will cut the dry time in half.