Carpet Repair/Restretching


Everyday your carpet can be can be damaged by pets, stains or bleaching, split seams, etc – you name it! Carpet Care Management can repair and also reinstall carpet that has been removed for the installation of cabinets, entertainment centers, bars, etc.

Repair – Cigarette burns, small stained or bleached areas, etc can all be repaired by using carpet from closets or scrap pieces that you may have saved. Ask us about the benefits and potential drawbacks of doing a repair.

Re-Stretching – Many carpets become loose or rippled from heavy foot traffic, furniture dragged instead of lifted or various other causes. Once a ripple appears in the carpet, the rate at which the carpet wears out increases because the loose carpet pulls and moves every time you vacuum, walk or move your furniture. If this applies to your carpet, then, in order to prolong the life of your carpet, you should have Carpet Care Management re-stretch it.

Installations – When the time comes, Carpet Care Management can also provide installation services for your carpet, both in your home or in your office. All installations are done according to the material manufacturer’s specifications. We guarantee the highest quality job that will perform well so you get the most out of your floor covering investment.